Active Advantage


Advanced Home Drone Flyover

When you list with Active, one of our skilled cinematographers will come to your home and create a professional video that showcases the best angles of the home. From high above your home to gliding through each area, potential buyers are presented to an exciting view that could only be accomplished with the best technology available.

Dominant Zillow Exposure

Zillow is one of the best and easiest ways home buyers can view homes on the real estate market and Active Realty works with Zillow to make sure your home is highly visible and featured when you list with us.

Home Virtual Walk-Through Video

Our highly skilled videographer creates a cohesive and enticing tour of your home with the combination of quality technology and sophisticated editing. When your home is listed with Active, you will receive the professional touch that buyers can see with the click of a button.

Unique Home Websites

Our dedicated in-house web designer does everything from creating custom flyers to designing a unique website for each property. When you choose to list with Active, your home will be marketed with its very own site domain.

Complete Personalized Staging

We strive to present the best version of your home. It's why we offer the opportunity to stage your home with our professional interior design partner. When your home is staged with furniture and decorations, your home will stand out from the competition.

Custom High Quality Flyers

Each home listed with Active will receive high quality flyers designed by our in-house web designer.

Your New Home Awaits