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We give you an offer that we can stand by. We provide you with a peace-of-mind cash offer that we can show is fair. We take into account upgrades, all home features and the uniqueness in a property as well as market value to determine what to offer.
Use Active Offers and you may experience the easiest real estate transaction of your life. You won’t have to make yourself available for multiple people who may or may not make an offer, no need to negotiate repairs or have the fear of your home falling out of escrow. Active Realty will provide you with an all-cash offer, inspect the property, and there isn't anything else. You provide disclosures and allow for an inspection, and we take care of the rest. We even let you close when you want.
Receive a fair cash offer. Move when you want, how you want. Whether you want us to get you the offer next month or in a year, we can make it work on your time. With a cash offer, you're the one in control.

Traditional Listing


  • Hire the right professional
  • Clean and repair property
1-2 weeks


  • Agree to times for photography
  • Make home presentable on any given day for showings
  • Prepare to move price down if it doesn't sell immediately
1-8 weeks


  • Coordinate multiple inspections
  • Negotiate or agree to buyer requested repairs
  • Hope the appraisal finds your property at value, prepare to take a contract amount drop if it doesn't
  • Close date may not be exactly on predicted close date.
30-45 days

Active Offers

  • Submit a request for an Active Cash Offer
  • Allow a single, brief inspection
  • Receive Active's all cash offer
  • Get paid as early as a few days from acceptance or close when you want

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